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Grace M
Tart is awesome! The studio itself is a great space, and theres always cool art on the walls to look at! Every stylist is very friendly and talented! Elizabeth is especially great and I always leave feeling 100% satisfied. She is great, genuine and really funny and entertaining while you're getting your hair done, and makes you feel welcome. No awkward small talk! She's extremely seasoned and talented with her scissors and my color has always looked shiny and amazing, not fried or overdone. LOVE her!
Tami S.


I have been going to Elizabeth at Tart for several years now.  I used to work in Ballard so it was convenient.  My office was moved to South Lake Union but I still make the trek out to Ballard once a month for my Tart fix. Although I am a loyal customer to Elizabeth I could would feel comfortable going to any of the great stylists at Tart.  I love the welcoming, cozy (and girly) atmosphere.  There is no pretentiousness at all - just fabulous cuts and color. And I love the new online booking option and the email or text reminders I get.  Just great service all around.  And Elizabeth is a special gem!

Katie K.
I had a great cute from Elizabeth - and she's super easy to talk to!
Jennifer C.
I absolutely love this little jewel of a beauty salon tucked away in the heart of Ballard. Elizabeth is one of the best hairdressers I have ever been to... and I've been to a lot of hairdressers! I have been going through a bit of a difficult period of late, and really needed a new style, complete with cut, color, and highlights to cheer me up. I brought in a picture and boy did she deliver what I asked for. Plus, she gave me an extra long shampoo massage to relax me. I wasn't surprised that she did such a great job with my new style, as she always does a fabulous job with my hair. Try Elizabeth and Tart... you won't be sorry!
Heather V


I have been going to Tart for a few years now and have been fortunate enough to have found Elizabeth! She is absolutely Ballard's hidden gem! Every cut and color I have had exceeds my expectations. This past month I got married and Elizabeth did such an incredible job on my finished look. It was updo perfection! I have found my go to gal in Elizabeth and Tart and would never consider going anywhere else!

Karen G.

I love this place!! Every time I go in I leave feeling great and most importantly looking amazing! The stylists are all very friendly never hesitating to take my coat, grab me a magazine or offer me a beverage. The space in itself is lovely and inviting always covered with great local art and filled with converstaion and music. 
I recently had my hair cut and colored by Elizabeth and she was awesome! I had wanted to make a slight change from a previous color and without hesitation she took my wants and explained what she thought was best and let me tell you she nailed it!! I was so impressed with everyone there that not only will I be going back many, many times but I can't even imagine thinking about trying out somewhere else!
Fanny B.
I would just like to say that the hype about Elizabeth at Tart is well deserved.  She fit me in when I was at the point of a melt-down over my hair.  She was darling and friendly and gave me exactly what I asked for.  Very talented.  Highly recommended. (and she's learning to speak Icelandic!)
Adriana G.
I love Elizabeth. Cool, no lego haircut here! Awesome layers for my long wavy hair and great blowdry that I don't have to redo when I get home. Fast too :)
Jen H.
I feel like I've done a tour de hair with stylists in Seattle, but I've found one that I totally love and am sticking with: Elizabeth at Tart. I started seeing her two years ago after a somewhat traumatic razor-cut of my thick, wavy locks elsewhere, and she whipped my hair back into shape. One of the things I appreciate about Elizabeth's cuts is that they grow out really well -- I manage to go 12 weeks between appointments. Plus, Elizabeth is totally adorable, always keeps me entertained and never complains about the amount of time it takes to blow dry my crazy head of hair.
Tarrahan S.

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

I go to Tart to see Liz and have had nothing but great experiences. She listens to my long details about what I don't like about my hair and actually understands what I mean even when I'm not quite sure.  She is an expert colorist and always trims my unruly bangs.  Liz updated my look and I always leave feeling happy.  She has a great personality to match her crazy skills.  Recently I received the "Brazilian Blow Out" and the results were truly amazing. With her help my naturally wavy and frizzy hair may finally get a rest from constant flat ironing. She is very knowledgeable about the color line and the numerous merchandise products available at Tart.  Her competence is unquestionable and I recommend her to everyone!

M H.
When living in a big city on the East Coast, I went to see a stylist who had been featured in Vogue and done the hair of numerous celebrities whose names he was happy to drop. I left his salon with lackluster hair, washed by one assistant and blow dried by another assistant. I think the uberstylist himself said 3 words to me the whole time. Not surprisingly, that haircut wasn't cheap and I never went back.

Fast forward to January 2009  - I'd been seeing a stylist at another salon for a couple of years, but decided not to go back after she made a practice of talking on her talking on her cellphone while snipping.  And I'd also had an unfortunate encounter with a box of drugstore haircolor. Being somewhat OCD, I read numerous reviews before calling Tart to make an appointment with Elizabeth, who had just graduated from being a junior stylist.

More than a year has gone by, and each time I leave Elizabeth's chair I feel lighter and happier. Not only because I have less hair, but because Elizabeth is a happy, down-to-earth, funny, sweet person who really knows her scissors and hair dye and who genuinely loves doing hair. She also listens - as in, when I told her that I wanted a spunky and fun, but also professional hairstyle that could be styled quickly and with as few implements as possible, she delivered with aplomb!

Extra perks - no pressure to buy wads of products, you won't leave looking like you've spent the day in a White Rain Factory and you'll have absorbed some hair knowledge from Elizabeth (i.e. I learned on my last visit that I have fine but dense hair and why it is that boxed hair color never works out quite right for me).
Allison K

Snohomish, WA

5.0 star rating

I'm one of those people that never go get their hair done because it has always turned out bad! My experience with Elizabeth at Tart has changed that. This girl is EXACTLY what I have been looking for in a hair stylist. She has good taste, listens to your wants and needs, and has a wide variety of skills.  Elizabeth is absolutely wonderful, hands down the best hair stylist I have ever had. She styled my hair for my wedding, and since then I have gone back to her for a cut and color. Her prices are ridiculously affordable! For her quality of work you would expect to pay twice as much, but her prices are the best. She has exceeded my expectations every time I see her. I am extremely happy to have found Elizabeth! An added bonus, the salon is absolutely adorable, very inviting, and charming. You are treated with excellent customer service as you are offered water, coffee, wine, or a magazine. Check this girl out, she is worth it.

Ashley M

Mukilteo, WA

5.0 star rating

Oh amazing Elizabeth. I am incredibly lazy about getting regular cuts, and have never found a product that worked for me, no matter how the stylist pitched it. Elizabeth at Tart makes me want to take the time to go in, and the product she found for me has changed my hair in ways I never dreamed. Personable and approachable, she gets me in and out - head massage included - in half an hour. And yet somehow there is no rushed feeling. The first time I thought I had overshot my lunchbreak by a mile, only to find it had been less than 30 minutes when I got back to my car. To top it off the salon itself feels like a hidden gem: The walk down a set of stairs and through a winding hallway opens to a vertically expansive space, complete with fabulous attention to detail in the paint job and a skylight to stare at while your head's in the sink. I'm sold! Tart - and Elizabeth - is where it's at.

Robin I.

Everett, WA

5.0 star rating

Oh Elizabeth...the only woman to give me the EXACT red that I have longed for.  I will be forever grateful.  I live in Everett, I know I know...nothing to brag about, but I have no reservations at all taking the trip to Ballard to visit this incredibly cool, talented, genuine, truly sweet stylist.  I love her, infinitely.  And lets not forget to mention Bumble and Bumble products yo!!!  Very do-able prices.  I highly suggest anyone to indulge in Elizabeth's services.  Thanks Elizabeth...I am forever in debt to you!!!!

Theresa F.

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

Elizabeth cut and colored my hair exactly how I asked her to, she is awesome. She also kept me laughing for the hour and half I was there, never an ackward moment. I am definately going back!

Kate M.
Elizabeth is utterly awesome.  On my very first visit to Tart, she took me from mid-length vanilla* cut to pixie crop sass.  I have never had so many compliments on my hair, and I'll never be seeing another stylist in Seattle.  She is wonder woman.

The salon itself is simple and cute, and there's always something fun to look at on the walls.  Great location too.
* y'know ... boring
linda w.
Tart is evil genius. Enter with caution.

Because when you have Elizabeth cut your hair you will be provided with a fabulous style, but will also be spoiled from ever being able to go to anyone else for a haircut--EVER.

Not only does she totally know her way around a pair of scissors, but she tells you how to style your own hair at home to look as good as when you step out of the salon. She also makes this cool little note card up with all the products she used, so you have no excuse to not duplicate your salon-fresh look at home.

You will be ruined from ever going back to the robo-stylists at Gene Juarez. Sorry, just thought you should know before hand.
Tracey W.

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

I was extremely fortunate to get my first Seattle hair cut ever with Elizabeth. My situation was a challenging one, grown out cut and neglected color. I decided to tackle the hair cut first and Elizabeth did an amazing job transitioning my grown out amorohous mess into a modern and easy going style. I was so impressed that I timidly inquired about hair coloring options. I had been in a downard spiral of bad coloring fiascos that I thought would require a buzz cut to undo. Elizabeth suggested a highlighting technique to return my hair back to its natual color. I have to admit I did not believe it was possible, but her charm and optimism gave me confidence. The results were perfect! I have never been happier. Thank you Elizabeth, you rock!

Jennifer L.
I came to Seattle to visit my cousin after having just gotten a full-on Soccer Mom cut in my hometown of Boston.  I'm in my twenties, single and mother to no child, soccer playing or otherwise. It was awful.

My cousin, recognizing the need for swift and decisive action, took me straightaway to see Elizabeth, who gave me literally the best cut of my life. Not only is the cut SO cool, she LISTENED to me, made suggestions and discussed things with me before cutting. She gave me tips on different ways to style it, and most importantly, told me how to find a better stylist back home, along with giving me industry terms to use in describing what I'll be looking for during my next cut. Though, I'm thinking I won't need them because I seriously just want to hold off until the next time I come out to Seattle!

Elizabeth totally saved me on this. She's amazing and I recommend her 100%!  I wish she was in Boston!
Clare M.

I'm new to Seattle and didn't know where to begin looking for a hair salon. Thanks to Yelp and the reviewers, I decided to go ahead and book a much-needed hair cut at Tart.

They gave me an appointment with Elizabeth, and I felt so comfortable with her from the minute I sat down to talk about what I wanted and didn't want. She completely understood what I was trying to get at, even though I don't think I did a very good job of explaining myself. Elizabeth's price for cuts is also incredibly reasonable, and just in case no one mentions this to you, all the ladies at the salon do free bang/fringe trims. 

Tart is a great little salon. It's not snobby, but cute and chic! I recommend this place wholeheartedly!

Tiffany S.
I may have found my perfect salon - FINALLY!

I got a great cut from Elizabeth - she really paid attention to what my hair naturally does (flips in here, flips out there) and used the perfect combination of products to fix my hair woes. She is a lifesaver! I'm going back to her for color as soon as I can.

I really liked my other stylists at various salons in my pursuit of good hair, but Elizabeth just clicked with me and my hair, and the salon is just perfect for me - quiet, small, tucked out of the way with an adorable shop dog. What more could you want?
Kelly B.
Elizabeth is a Jr. Stylist but do not think that means inexperienced. She is fantastic - my hair looks just like the torn out picture from In Style of whatever celebrity I bring in that month. Not to mention, she's super funny and down to earth. For the first time in years a cut and color cost less than $100. Sweet.